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Almond Products (aka Almond Forms)

Almond products take on many forms, and there's terms to describe each form. Almonds may be Whole, Sliced, Slivered, Chopped or Ground (flour). They may also be Natural or Blanched, and Raw, Roasted or Salted. And of course these terms may be combined: for example, 'Whole Natural' or 'Sliced Blanched', or even 'Roasted Slivered Blanched' or 'Roasted Whole Natural Salted'.

Below is a brief description of the more common forms of almond products.

Whole natural almonds

Natural Almonds

Natural simply means the skin is still on. Natural almonds are generally referred to as 'meats'.

Whole blanched almonds

Blanched Almonds

Blanched almonds have been briefly plunged into hot water in order to remove the skin. They have a more subtle flavor than natural almonds.

Sliced natural almonds

Sliced Almonds

Sliced almonds may be natural or blanched. They make a great topping on bakery items, vegetables or casseroles.

Slivered blanched almonds

Slivered Almonds

Slivered almonds are halved, and then cut lengthwise. They can be used as a dessert garnish, salad topping, or added to snack mixes.

In-shell almonds

In-Shell Almonds

In-shell almonds are... you guessed it, still in the shell. They may be salted, and can be eaten just like in-shell peanuts.

Roasted almonds

Roasted Almonds

Roasting almonds enhances and intensifies their flavor. Roasted almonds are ideal for snack mixes and can be salted or seasoned.

Chopped natural almonds

Chopped Almonds

Chopped almonds are sometimes referred to as diced. They can be used to enhance flavor, texture and the appearance of a food product.

Almond flour

Almond Flour

Almond flour, also known as meal, is used to add color, texture, richness and flavor to food. It can be used as a substitute for other flours.

Almond butter

Almond Butter

Almond butter can be used as an alternative to other nut butters, or as a filling for chocolate, cereal bars, confectionery, and bakery items.

Almond oil

Almond Oil

Almond oil is used as a cooking oil, and also in non-food items such as cosmetics and moisturizers.

Almond milk

Almond Milk

Almond milk is used in recipes and also as a drink by itself. A tasty, nutritious alternative for those avoiding dairy or soy based drinks.

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